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Wholesale Bridge Loan Program

Wholesale bridge loan program for Mortgage Brokers

Are You Experiencing Loan Fall Out?

Are you struggling with loan fallout due to challenges such as your applicants waiting for their old home to sell, needing repairs on their new property, or dealing with self-employment complications? We have a solution for you! We offer bridge loans designed to mitigate these challenges, while preserving your long-term customer relationships. Plus, you stand to earn a commission on the take out loan. A win-win situation that ensures your business success and client satisfaction.

How to Use our Bridge Loans?

We provide Mortgage Brokers loans for home buyers who don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or who prefer not to liquidate existing investments. Our model is simple:  We provide a short-term loan the borrower must pay off or refinance within six or eight months.  You retain the customer relationship and you earn the commission on their take-out loan.  

We can help your clients with the following offers:

  • Buy Before You Sell
  • Pay Cash for a Home
  • Buy Without Liquidating Other Investments
  • Buy When a New House Needs Repairs
  • Buy When Your Old House Needs Repairs
  • Access Your Equity With no Seasoning Period
  • Buy When on a Fixed Income or Retired
  • Buy When Self-Employed
  • Buy With Less Than 2 Years of Income History
  • Close Quickly

Reasons to Work with Hurst Lending

Diverse Loan Programs

Hurst Lending offers a wide range of bridge loans, giving brokers access to tailored options for your clients.

Save Your Deal

We can help home buyers who don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or who prefer not to liquidate other investments.

Keep Your Customer Relationship

You keep the relationship with your customer.  We simply provide them a bridge loan and we pass the client back to you when it is time for them to refi the bridge loan.  

Expert Support

Brokers receive dedicated support and collaboration from Hurst Lending’s team of experts, providing guidance and assistance throughout the loan process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a wholesale bridge loan?

We can help your customer purchase a home even if they don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan.  We provide a bridge loan and give them time to meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac underwriting rules and you can then refinance them into a long term takeout loan.

How long is the bridge loan term?

Bridge loan terms can vary but are generally short-term, ranging from a few weeks to a few months, providing borrowers with temporary funding until their existing property is sold.

What are the interest rates and fees associated with wholesale bridge loans?

Our bridge loans have rates that are generally three to four hundred basis points over a conventional loan.  That said, the interest rate is usually not a determining factor for home buyers since this loan only lasts a short time.   

How does the refinancing process work to transition from the bridge loan to a conventional loan?

Once the borrower qualifies for a conventional loan, we pass the customer back to you and you can refinance them into a long-term permanent loan.

Can wholesale bridge loans be used for different types of properties?

Wholesale bridge loans can typically be used for various types of properties, including primary residences, 2nd homes, or investment properties.

How long does the bridge loan application and approval process take?

We can generally approve a bridge loan within 2 to 3 business days after we receive a fully complete loan application with all required documentation.