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Residential Sale Lease Back

Sell your home and rent it back until you’re ready to move.

Residental Sale Leaseback

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Would you like to access the equity in your home?

Do you want to take out more equity than is allowed by Texas Cash-out laws?

Have you been told you can’t qualify for a Texas cash-out loan or Home Equity loan to get the cash you need?

If you have any of these issues, but you want to continue living in your current home, a Texas Residential Sale Leaseback may be an option for you.


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What is a Texas Residential Sale Leaseback?

In a residential sale leaseback (also called a “residential sale and leaseback”), a homeowner sells their home to a buyer, and the buyer then leases it back to the original owner.  The homeowner can access their home equity as cash and can remain in their home as a renter.

Why Use Our Services?

Make a Smart Move




We Assess Your Home

Major markets in Texas


We will Purchase Your Home

If eligibility criteria is met.


You Get Your Home Equity Back As Cash

You can access more of your home equity, unlike a Texas cash out loan, where you are required to leave 20% equity in your home.

You Can Stay in Your Home as a Renter


You Can Even Re-Purchase Your Home or Move When the Lease Ends




Access Your Equity


Lock in High Home Prices

Sell your home when prices are high and lock in your gains, while continuing to live in your home.

Quick Decisions, Quick Closing

No unnecessary red tape, no contingencies.
“Football’s hard.
Moving doesn’t have to be,
Buy Before You Sell.”


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How the Program Works

How The Texas Residential Sale-Leaseback Program Works

  1.  We assess your home (mainly in major markets in Texas).
  2.  If eligible, Hurst Real Estate will purchase your home.*
  3.  You get your Home Equity back as cash.
  4.  You can access more of your Home Equity – unlike a Texas cash out loan where you are required to leave 20% equity in your home
  5.  You stay in your home as a renter.
  6.  You can even re-purchase your home or move when your lease ends**

*Hurst Real Estate or one of our Investors will make you an offer.

**Only applies if documented when the house is purchased and lease is signed, or when agreed by landlord.   

Why Get a Texas Residential Sale Lease Back? 

A residential sale-leaseback may make sense anytime a homeowner wants or needs access to home equity.  Some common examples of when and why a homeowner might use a Texas Residential Sale Leaseback are:

Access Your Home Equity Even If You Don’t Qualify for a Cash-out Loan

There are many reasons why good, responsible people may not qualify for a standard Texas cash out loan or a home equity loan.  For example, if you recently started a business and are now self-employed, you recently changed careers, or one spouse lost their job.  If you find yourself in this situation, a residential sale leaseback may allow you to access the equity you need and stay in your home.  In some cases, you may even be able to buy the home back later!*

Access More of Your Built Up Home Equity

You’ve been paying your mortgage on time for years and have built up quite a bit of equity.  Now, you need to access that money.  Unfortunately, Texas cash out law requires you to keep at least 20% equity in your home.  If you need access to more cash than Texas cash out refinancing laws will allow, a residential sale leaseback may be a good option.

Texas Cash-out laws require you to keep at least 20% equity in your home… but you can take out more of your equity with a Texas Residential Sale Leaseback transaction.

Purchase or Build a New Home – Get Cash AND Avoid Inconvenience

You want to access the equity in your home now to purchase or build a new home. You also want to move out of your old home as soon as your new house is ready.  A residential sale-leaseback may provide the cash you need while eliminating the need to move twice, deal with contingency contracts, or other hassles of buying and selling a home concurrently.

Lock in Gains on Your House while Prices are High

Sell your home when housing prices are high and lock in your gains (all while continuing to live in your home for a pre-defined term of your lease).

Anticipating a Transfer or Job Change

If you are awaiting a job transfer, new job, or overseas assignment, you can sell your house at your convenience and continue to live there until the assignment comes through, eliminating the stress of selling your home in the midst of the change.

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