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Portfolio Loans

Offering flexible financing options to acquire real estate.

Portfolio Loans

Use our funds to purchase a property, even if you don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or prefer not to liquidate existing investments. 

  • Buy Before You Sell
  • Pay Cash for a Home
  • Buy Without Liquidating Other Investments
  • Buy When a New House Needs Repairs
  • Buy When Your Old House Needs Repairs
  • Access Your Equity With no Seasoning Period
  • Buy When on a Fixed Income or Retired
  • Buy When Self-Employed
  • Buy With Less Than 2 Years of Income History
  • Close Quickly

Portfolio Loans

Flexible, customized mortgage solutions.

Portfolio Loan Solutions

Experience the advantage of portfolio loans, offering personalized mortgage options designed to cater to your distinct financial circumstances when traditional loan choices are not accessible.

Flexible Underwriting Guidelines

Since portfolio loans are held by the originating lender, they have more control over the underwriting process and can set their own guidelines. This means they may be more willing to consider alternative documentation or have more lenient credit score requirements, making it easier for borrowers with unconventional income sources or lower credit scores to secure a mortgage.



Customized Loan Solutions

Portfolio loans can be tailored to the specific needs of a borrower. Lenders can offer a variety of loan terms, adjustable or fixed interest rates, and other loan features that may not be available with conventional loans. This customization allows borrowers to find a loan product that aligns with their financial goals and circumstances.

Relationship-Based Lending

Since the lender maintains the loan in their portfolio, they may prioritize building long-term relationships with their borrowers. This can result in better terms, lower rates, or more personalized service for existing customers or those who have a strong banking relationship with the lender. In some cases, this relationship-based lending can make the mortgage process smoother and more enjoyable for the borrower.

What is a Portfolio Loan?

Portfolio Loans

A portfolio loan is a mortgage loan originated and serviced by a lender, who retains the loan in their investment portfolio instead of selling it on the secondary market. Offering flexible underwriting guidelines, customized loan solutions, and relationship-based lending, portfolio loans can be an attractive option for borrowers with unique financial situations or those who may not qualify for conventional loans. 

We Can Help

Hurst Lending is committed to helping borrowers find the right mortgage solution for their unique financial situation. With a range of loan products, including portfolio loans, we strive to provide flexible and customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team of mortgage professionals works closely with you to understand your financial goals, assess your eligibility, and guide you through the loan application process. By prioritizing relationship-based lending, we provide financing options that few other lenders provide.  

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I’ve worked with Jay Hurst on several loans.  Jay is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and was able to advise me on the options for my recent purchase. Great guy to have on your side, and great rates!

Kevin B.

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Hurst Lending was very easy to work with and stayed in constant contact with me throughout the loan process so I never had to wonder what the status of the loan was.

Naomi R.


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The Hurst Lending Difference

Funding Choices

Low downpayment options available.

Quick Decisions

With a quick closing and no red tape.

Great Rates

We offer some of the best rates available.

Problem Solving

Creative approaches for unique situations

Competitive Rates

Unique Portfolio Lending Solutions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a portfolio loan and a conventional loan?

A portfolio loan is originated and serviced by a single lender, who retains the loan in their investment portfolio, while a conventional loan is typically sold to government-sponsored entities like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Portfolio loans offer more flexible underwriting guidelines and customized solutions, while conventional loans follow more stringent requirements.

Can I qualify for a portfolio loan with a low credit score?

Yes, our portfolio loans have more lenient underwriting requirements than conventional loans, making them an option for borrowers who can’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or who prefer to use our funds for your convenience (rather than liquidating other assets).  

Are portfolio loans available for investment properties or second homes?

Yes, our portfolio loans can be used for purchasing investment properties or second homes. Since we are lending our own funds we have more flexibility in underwriting guidelines and are often able to help customers who can’t quite qualify for a conventional loan.

Are portfolio loans available with adjustable or fixed interest rates?

Our portfolio loans are generally offered with fixed-rate interest-only loan payments.   

What is the typical loan term for a portfolio loan?

Our short-term loans cater to borrowers who don’t quite fit Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s guidelines or those who want convenience or tax benefits. Our model is straightforward: we provide short-term funding, and borrowers must pay off our loan or refinance into a conventional loan within six or eight months. 

How do I apply for a portfolio loan?

To apply for a portfolio loan, contact us. We will guide you through the application process, which typically involves providing documentation of your income, assets, and credit history, as well as completing a loan application form.

Portfolio Loan Expertise

We help simplify the loan process & get you a low downpayment.

About Hurst Lending

We have been helping our customers buy, sell, and refinance their homes since 2006. Our personalized approach to the home buying process includes a suite of services that solve common hurdles in the home buying process.  Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to buy before you sell; Losing your dream home in a bidding war; Trying to get a No-Seasoning Cash-out loan; Being unable to obtain a mortgage because your new or old house needs modest repairs; or simply because you prefer using our funds to close quickly without having to liquidate other investments?  Our Industry-leading suite of short-term loans solves these issues.  We also offer a suite of real estate investor loan products and a full suite of conventional, VA, FHA, construction and traditional home loans.