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Does it chafe every time your mortgage statement arrives with your ex-spouse’s name on it? Are you tired of being in limbo while you clean up all the messy details of your divorce?

It’s easier than it sounds to get your ex off your mortgage.

The best way to remove your spouse from your mortgage is to simply refinance your home loan.  This will allow you to keep your house after the divorce and simplify your life by taking your spouse’s name off the mortgage loan.

It seems like there are fees and extra expenses everywhere when you divorce, and many people worry that refinancing will be costly. We offer a No and/or Low Cost Refinancing Program that will allow you to affordably refinance your mortgage loan in your name only.

When considering this option, bear in mind that if you are keeping the house, you will need to qualify for the entire loan amount on your own. You will need to assess whether you can afford to keep the house based on your income, assets, and liabilities after the divorce.  If you are not sure, fill out our simple getting started form and we can help you assess whether you can qualify.  If you can afford to keep the house, we can help you refinance after divorce without breaking the bank.  Contact us today to get started.

Divorce Not Yet Complete? Mortgage Options to Help You Move On:

We also offer several programs to help you move on with your life, even if your divorce is not complete. Our Divorce Bridge Loan Program and our Divorce Home Loan + Rental Program are ideal ways for customers to acquire a home prior to their divorce being complete.

  • Don’t wait until your divorce is complete
  • Select any home you want in any Major Metro area in Texas
  • Move in and start moving on

Click here to learn more about these programs.