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Rescue Your Commissions

Use Our Funds to Rescue Your Commissions

Rescue Your Commission

We have a full suite of conventional loans but also lend our own money to help home buyers who don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or prefer not to liquidate existing investments.   When we lend our own funds, we provide the buyer short-term funding and we then refinance the borrower when they qualify for a conventional loan (usually within six months or eight months).  This can sometimes help rescue a deal for a Realtor or facilitate a purchase and help you get your commission sooner!

We Provide Funds to Help Your Clients

  • Buy Before You Sell
  • Pay Cash for a Home
  • Buy Without Liquidating Other Investments
  • Buy When a New House Needs Repairs
  • Buy When Your Old House Needs Repairs
  • Access Your Equity With no Seasoning Period
  • Buy When on a Fixed Income or Retired
  • Buy When Self-Employed
  • Buy With Less Than 2 Years of Income History
  • Close Quickly


Let us Save Your Client’s Deal and Your Commission!

We Partner with Realtors

  • Use our funds to rescue your transaction
  • No extra work 
  • We never compete
  • You earn your full commission

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