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Win the bidding war by using our short term loan program.


Win The Bidding War with Our Funds

Your buyers can gain the upper hand by making a full cash offer and win the bidding war.


Eliminate Contingencies

Your move up buyers can move into their new home before their current sale closes.

How our Short Term Loans can Help?

Our Loan Program Can Help Many Kinds of Buyers

Our program can help your clients achieve a wide variety of goals

Dominate with a Cash Offer®

  • Help your clients win the bidding war by making a cash offer. A cash offer will help them get the home they want and save you countless hours. You no longer need to bang your head against the wall submitting contract after contract …. merely to lose them to other buyers!

Buy Before You Sell

  • Help your clients buy a new home before they sell… as well as solve their cash flow issues! Your clients can buy now and move later… all while only making one house payment*. This results in a faster path to your commission!
  • *Only one payment for up to 3 months while their old house sells.

Buyer Fell Out? No problem.

  • If your client’s buyer falls through, don’t let your client cancel their moving plans. They can now move before they sell and you can save your commission!

Retired/Fixed Income Buyers

  • Help your retired buyers move now. They don’t need to wait until your house sells just because they are on a fixed income. They also can avoid liquidating their assets to buy your new home and this all helps you get your commission sooner.

We Partner with Realtors and Don’t Compete Against You

We don’t compete with Realtors and we never steal your clients. Your clients can Dominate with a Cash Offer® and Buy Before they Sell. Our offer eases the pain of selling before buying…. all while allowing them to maximize the sale price of their old home and get the best possible deal on their new home. 

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