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Owlety Lien

Facilitating asset division in divorce/separation.

Owelty Loan Solutions

Allows one spouse to retain property by securing a loan while ensuring equitable distribution of the equity in the home to their former spouse.

Divorce/Separation Loans

If you’re going through a divorce or separation and grappling with the division of assets, an Owelty Lien could be an essential tool for you. This unique type of lien enables one spouse to keep the property by obtaining a loan secured against it, while ensuring a fair distribution of equity to the other spouse.

Many loan officers don’t understand Texas divorce laws and they are not prepared to help customer navigate this area.  We are a Texas based lender and we have deep expertise in helping couples divide their equity while enabling one spouse to keep the house.  

Property Retention

An Owelty Lien allows one spouse to keep the property while providing a mechanism for compensating the other spouse for their share of the equity. This can be advantageous if one party has a strong emotional attachment to the property or wishes to maintain stability for children involved.

Financial Flexibility

By obtaining a loan secured by the property, the borrowing spouse gains access to funds needed to buy out the other spouse’s share. This eliminates the immediate need for a large cash payment and allows for a more manageable financial arrangement over time.

Equitable Distribution

Owelty Liens ensure a fair and equitable distribution of property during a divorce or separation. They provide a clear legal mechanism to calculate and compensate the non-borrowing spouse for their rightful share of the property’s value, promoting a balanced resolution and minimizing potential disputes.

What is an Owelty Lien?

An Owelty Lien, also known as a Partition Lien or a Divorce Lien, is a type of lien placed on a property to facilitate the division or distribution of assets in a divorce or separation.

In a situation where a couple owns a property together and they decide to end their relationship, the property may need to be divided or sold. If one spouse wants to keep the property and buy out the other spouse’s share, but does not have sufficient funds to do so, an Owelty Lien can be utilized.

To create an Owelty Lien, the spouse who wishes to retain the property can obtain a loan secured by the property. The lien is then placed on the property, giving the lending spouse the right to collect their share of the property’s equity at the time of sale or refinance.

The Owelty Lien ensures that the other spouse receives their fair share of the property’s value while allowing the borrowing spouse to keep the property. It helps to create a clear legal mechanism for the equitable division of property in a divorce or separation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an Owelty Lien?

An Owelty Lien is used to facilitate the division of property during a divorce or separation, allowing one spouse to retain the property by obtaining a loan secured against it while ensuring the other spouse receives their fair share.

How does an Owelty Lien work?

The spouse who wants to keep the property obtains a loan secured by the property, creating the Owelty Lien. The lien represents the other spouse’s equitable share of the property’s value, which will be paid out when the property is sold or refinanced. 

Are Owelty Liens only applicable to real estate?

Yes, Owelty Liens are specific to real estate properties. They are used to divide equity in a home, land, or any other real property owned by the divorcing couple.

Can an Owelty Lien be removed?

Yes, an Owelty Lien can be removed once the obligations associated with it are fulfilled. This typically occurs when the property is sold or refinanced, and the lien is paid off

Can an Owelty Lien be transferred to another property?

In some cases, an Owelty Lien can be transferred to another property, but this depends on the specific circumstances and the agreement between the parties involved. Consulting with legal a professional is advisable to explore such options.

How is the amount of the Owelty Lien determined?

The amount of the Owelty Lien is typically determined by the court or through negotiations between the divorcing parties. It is based on the fair market value of the property and the amount owed to the non-borrowing spouse.

Can both spouses be responsible for payment on the home?

The borrowing spouse is solely responsible for making payments on the property. The departing spouse and the owelty lien are paid off when the home is sold or refinanced.  

Are there any tax implications associated with Owelty Liens?

It is recommended to consult with a tax professional, as the tax implications of Owelty Liens can vary depending on factors such as the jurisdiction, individual circumstances, and any potential tax laws or regulations applicable to your situation.

Owelty Lien Expertise

We help simplify the Owelty Lien process.

Navigating the complexities of property division during a divorce or separation can be challenging. That’s why an Owelty Lien can be an essential tool for you. At Hurst Lending, we are a Texas Lender who can help you retain your home while ensuring a fair distribution of equity to your former spouse. Our experts will provide you with a clear understanding of Owelty Liens, guiding you through the process and empowering you to make informed decisions. Trust us to help you navigate this difficult time and find the financial solutions you need.

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