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We specialize in providing financing for condo’s located in non-warrantable condo projects. We have a wide variety of loan programs for non-warrantable condo developments but our most compelling loan offer is that we offer traditional low interest rate conventional financing on condo projects that are Non-Warrantable because of investor concentration (i.e. there are too many investor units in the condo complex).

We also offer traditional Condo loans, Jumbo Condo Loans, and even loans for Condo-Hotels (Condo-Tels).

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What is a Non-Warrantable Condo?

nonwarrantable condo is a condo that doesn’t meet Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae’s underwriting guidelines. Examples include projects that have too many real estate investors, unpaid condo dues, inadequate insurance, and other similar issues. If a project fails to meet any requirements, any loan offered for this type of condo project cannot be sold to these government sponsored entities.  When a condo is nonwarrantable, finding financing can be a real challenge and that is where we can help. 

Our Most Compelling offer for Non-Warrantable Condo Projects is that we can provide you a low rate conventional loan even if the condo is located in a non-warrantable condo project as long as you are: (1) purchasing the home as your primary residence and (2) the reason the condo complex is non-warrantable is simply because the project has too much investor concentration.  

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We have been helping our customers buy, sell, and refinance their homes since 2006. Our personalized approach includes a suite of services that solve common hurdles in the home buying process. Have you ever experienced the frustration of Losing your dream home in a bidding war? Trying to buy before you sell? Had your buyer fallout? Or being on a fixed income and needing your equity to purchase a new home?  Our Industry-leading suite of Domination Loans solve these issues. We also offer a suite of real estate investor loan products and a full suite of conventional, VA, FHA, cash-out, construction and traditional home loans.

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