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Production Builder Loan

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Save When Building with a Production Builder

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If you are planning to build a new home with a production builder, there are two areas we can help you save money: 

(1) Commission Rebate – We can put thousands of dollars in your pocket if you let us pair you with a Realtor to help you find the right lot and production builder.

(2) Low Rate Home Loan – We can help you with a long term low rate fixed rate loan for your new home.

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How Can We Put Money in Your Pocket?

Production Builders generally factor in a 3% real estate commission (to pay to the Buyer’s Realtor) into the price of their homes.  If you don’t use a realtor to help you find the right builder, the builder will pocket this amount of money as extra profit.  We can help you save a lot of money by having us pair you with a realtor to help you find the right Production Builder. 

When you use one of the realtors in our network, they will help you find the right builder and rebate you 2% of the commission from the builder.  This can add up to a large amount of money.  As an example, your rebate would be $8,000 if you are building a $400k home.

Low Fixed Rate Home Loan

Another area we can help you is with the mortgage for your new home.  Production Builders often provide incentives if a buyer uses their in-house mortgage company by offering extra upgrades and/or paying for the title policy.  We find that some in-house builder lenders simply increase the interest rate on the loans to pay for part or all of the incentives. 

We encourage our clients to get a quote from the builder’s in-house lender and from us.  We can often get you a lower rate and match the incentives offered by the builders, in-house lender (via a cash rebate on your loan after closing).   

Not Just Lenders - Problem Solvers!

Great Rates

Lots of mortgage lenders can offer a good rate on a conventional loan. We can too – in fact, our rates are some of the best around.

Unique Solutions

The difference? Hurst Lending finds ways to make the deal work when your mortgage needs are outside the “conventional loan” box.

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