Lowest Interest Rates in 3 Years

US Sees Lowest Mortgage Interest Rates in 3 Years August 8, 2019 By Jay Hurst, Co-Founder of Hurst Lending & Insurance Even if you have a good rate on your current 30-year mortgage, every homeowner should be looking at their financial situation right now to see if a refinance of some [...]

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VRBO Airbnb Income Mortgage Refi

Want to use your short-term rental income to refinance your mortgage?  Hurst Lending can include VRBO and Airbnb income when considering your mortgage refi qualifications. Historically, Short-Term Rental Income Could Not Be Considered When Qualifying for a Refi Refinancing your mortgage for a better interest rate can translate to big savings and [...]

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Save Real Money with a Refi

Save Big with a Refi This Spring Interest Rates the Lowest in Over a Year Even if you have a good rate on your current 30-year mortgage, this month's low rates might mean that a refinance could save you serious money. Current rates for a 15 year fixed rate mortgage are hovering around 3.5% [...]

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FHA Multi-Family Loans

What is a Multi-Family Loan? Federal Housing Administration loans (or FHA loans, for short) are hugely popular for first time homeowners. From low closing costs and low down payment requirements, to reasonable credit qualifications, the advantages to consumers are numerous. It’s less commonly known that, in addition to assisting people in financing single-family dwellings, FHA [...]

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In 300 Words or Less: What is a “good” credit score?

The Making of a "Good" Credit Score Everyone is acutely aware – some of us more than others – what having bad credit can do to your financial life. From increasing interest rates on loans or credit cards, to upping insurance costs, and even trouble getting a new cell phone contract, the effects are far-reaching. [...]

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