FHA Multi-Family Loans

What is a Multi-Family Loan? Federal Housing Administration loans (or FHA loans, for short) are hugely popular for first time homeowners. From low closing costs and low down payment requirements, to reasonable credit qualifications, the advantages to consumers are numerous. It’s less commonly known that, in addition to assisting people in financing single-family dwellings, FHA [...]

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In 300 Words or Less: What is a “good” credit score?

The Making of a "Good" Credit Score Everyone is acutely aware – some of us more than others – what having bad credit can do to your financial life. From increasing interest rates on loans or credit cards, to upping insurance costs, and even trouble getting a new cell phone contract, the effects are far-reaching. [...]

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Interested in a Condotel? Let Hurst Lending Help!

What is a Condotel? Condotels – also referred to as hotel-condos, or contels – have become increasingly popular throughout the United States and in Texas, thanks to the conveniences and amenities they offer, as well as their investment potential. As the name suggests, a condotel is a hybrid between a condominium, and a traditional hotel [...]

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In 300 Words or Less: What is a “Cash Out” Refinance?

Is a "Cash Out" Refinance Right for You? There are a number of different refinancing options available to homeowners. Some popular ones are: 15 and 30 year mortgage refinances, cash-in refinancing, short refinancing, and lastly, cash out refinancing. Cash Out Refinancing is a great way to access money you have tied up in your mortgage [...]

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5 Big Advantages to Owning a Home

The Upside of Homeownership It’s no secret that owning a home is hard work. If you’re renting and notice a leaky faucet, simply call the landlord and you can (usually) count on it being fixed within a few days. As a homeowner, you’ve got to either fix it yourself, or get out the phone and [...]

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