5 Underrated Vacations on a Budget

Budget Friendly Vacations Everyone wants to go on vacation, but the costs always tend to add up incredibly quickly. It seems before even booking tickets or considering travel dates, you’ve started dipping into life savings, and that overwhelmed feeling rears its ugly head. One of the reasons is that so many people want to go [...]

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Six Stellar Hobbies to Pick Up This Year

Pick Up a New Hobby With the New Year comes many a New Year’s Resolution! For some of us that may mean to focus on improving our diet and or exercising more, for others perhaps savings goals are on the horizon. One area where you can add a great deal of satisfaction and happiness to [...]

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The 10 Highest Paid Celebrities of 2015

High Rolling Celebrities Every year Forbes releases their list of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities – and it is always a star-studded lineup. From rock and movie stars alike, the list is a who’s who of some of our favorite contemporary celebrities. That said, some of their total income’s are absolutely stunning! Keep reading to find [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Tips for Follow Through

Following Through on Resolutions Oh, the good ol’ New Years Resolution; we always start with such great intentions, but follow through ends up being so HARD! We’re not saying you don’t stick to your New Years Resolutions, but we may have stumbled a time or two. Whether you want to start a new workout regimen, quit [...]

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Win Sideline Seats at the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl

Win Sideline Seats at the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl! You could have the best seats in the house at the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl at Houston's NRG Stadium on December 29! Hurst Lending & Insurance is giving away two pairs of sideline seats at the game, including complimentary food and beverage, no strings attached. [...]

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Insuring Body Parts? Learn About These 5 Cases!

They Insured What? For the average, everyday person, insurance usually extends to the car, their home, possibly expensive jewelry. However, if you make your money in a unique way – not the typical office or trade job – you may find yourself needing to insure some peculiar things. Read the list below of 5 body [...]

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