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Cash Out Refinance

  • Loan to value up to 89.99%

  • No limit on cash in hand

  • 30 year fixed or ARM’s

  • Loan amount $200M to $2M

How it Works

Looking to pull some of your growing equity out your home to pay off higher interest rate debt, make home improvements or just simply to take advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates? If so, you have likely been told that the maximum you can pull out is 80% of the appraised value of the home. Most cash out programs have this limit including conventional and most jumbo cash out programs. Hurst lending will lend you up to 89.99% of the appraised value! That frees up nearly 10% additional cash for you to put to work. This cash out program will make loans up to 89.99% for loans from $200,000 all the way up to $2,000,000 with credit scores 680 and above. This program is available in all states Hurst Lending makes loans except Texas due to state law in Texas not allowing over 80% loan to value.



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