Securing a Self-Employed Mortgage – Even with One Year of Tax Returns

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Buying a house doesn't have to be difficult if you are recently self-employed! Remember when lenders offered “stated income loans” for self-employed borrowers?  Before the 2008 financial crisis, many lenders offered self-employed borrowers the ability to secure a loan with little or no proof of income. In the wake of the financial crisis, stated income [...]

Bang for Your Buck: Profitable Home Projects

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Profitable Home Projects As homeowners, we’re fortunate enough to have a huge asset on our hands – our house! However, houses can also be incredibly costly if you skip essential repairs, or take on more than you can handle in terms of remodeling or projects. On the flip side, you can also add tremendous value to [...]

Saving for a College Fund: 3 Key Tips

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Saving for College As a parent you want nothing more than for your children to be successful, and an early step on that path is getting a college education. A study from a few years ago found that folks who have a bachelor’s degree earn 84% more money in their lifetime than their high school diploma holding [...]

5 Brain Building Games

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Keeping Your Brain Fit One of the most attractive and entertaining things on the internet are the seemingly endless array of games. Whether you’re a sucker for Candy Crush, poker, old school arcade games or slots, they’re all at your fingertips 24/7/365. Recently, a new genre of game has emerged in the past few [...]

In 300 Words or Less: Crowdfunding for Businesses

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Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Business? In the past, ambitious entrepreneurs had to rely almost exclusively on their own money, traditional loans, or large investors in order to fund their start-ups. In the late 2000’s, companies offering a new form of initial investment started appearing. Leveraging small amounts of money from a large amount of [...]

5 Things You Should Toss Right Now

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Out With the Old Whether or not we admit it, we’ve all got a little pack rat in us. Whether it’s an old pair of shoes that we just can’t let go, or a collection of old VHS movies, or paperwork, it all takes up space. Furthermore, some of it is downright disgusting! Today we’re [...]

5 Ways to Up Your Credit Score

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Give Your Credit Score a Boost Founding father Benjamin Franklin is credited with having said, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Well, if Franklin were alive today, he could add an ever-changing credit score to that list. Whether for better or worse, our credit scores follow us around for the entirety of our adult [...]

The 5 Most Streamed Artists and Songs on Spotify in 2015

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Top 5 on Spotify in 2015 The Internet has forever changed the way that humans live their lives. From being able to get directions in a split second, to accessing seemingly unlimited amounts of knowledge, and you guessed it – consuming music. 2014 saw a huge decline in physical album sales, across CD’s, vinyl and [...]