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Back Door Cash Out Loans

We can help you secure a loan to cash out your equity

Make a Cash Offer and Move on Your Schedule

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You no longer need to put up with the hassle of selling your old home before buying a new one, or worry about missing out on your dream home by losing out to a cash buyer.

Use our funds to move when you want, how you want, and buy the house you want. Our Domination Short-Term Loan allows you to buy before you sell and make only one house payment for up to three months!

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Why Use Our Services?

Make a Smart Move


Make a Cash Offer Using Our Funds

Use our funds to make a cash offer for your new home.

Apply Your Equity To Your New Home

Your final mortgage will leverage your current equity to get you the best deal.

Only Make Payments on your Old House

Only make payment on your old house for up to three months while you old home sells.  


Buy Before You Sell

Don’t worry about timing. Forget about stressful contingencies.

Don't Move Twice

Save thousands in moving, storage and temporary housing costs.

Quick Decisions, Quick Closing

No unnecessary red tape, no contingencies.
“Football’s hard.
Moving doesn’t have to be,
Buy Before You Sell.”


Dat Nguyen, Hurst Lending Investor
Former Pro Football Player & Coach


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Dominate by Using  Our Funds to Buy Before You Sell.  

How our Program Works?

Step 1


It’s quick and easy.

Get approved for both a short-term loan and long-term home loan from us in a single step. Get started now!

Step 2

Use our Funds

Use our funds to purchase your new home.  We provide you a short-term loan to pay cash for your new home.

Step 3

Move When Ready

Move when it makes sense for you – no interim housing, no storage, no stressful contingencies.


Step 4

Refinance Your Short Term Loan

We will promptly refinance you into a long term low rate conventional loan (as soon as possible after your closing).

Make No Payments on Your New Home for Up to 3 Months!

(while you old house sells)

Buy Before You Sell Loan Pricing

Up Front Cost

  • One low $495 fee to set up your Short-Term loan and allocate Funds for your use.
  • We provide you a Proof of Funds Letter that you have funds available to make a Cash Offer.

If Your House Sells

  • Skip the Short-Term loan and the $495 fee is all you pay.

If Your House Doesn’t Sell

  • Draw against the Short-Term Loan to close on your new home.
  • There will be traditional loan closing costs for the short-term loan (e.g. appraisal, title policy, underwriting fee, etc. and a 1% origination for the amount you draw from the Line of Credit).
  • The $495 up front fee will be credited toward these closing costs.

Rates on Short Term Loan

  • Our short-term bridge loan rates start at 5.99%
  • Payments on our Short-Term loan may be deferred for up to 3 months to give you time to sell your old home
  • Deferred Payments are added to the principal balance of your short-term bridge loan.
  • Your Short-Term Loan must be paid off at the earlier of when your old house sells or within 1 year.

We Also Offer 3 Other Domination Loans

Win the bidding war with cash

Make a Cash Offer

Dominate with a cash offer® to win the bidding war. A cash offer will get the home you want at the best price in any type of market.

You can save the deal

Buyer Fell Out

If your buyer falls through in your contingent contract, don’t give up on your dream home or cancel your moving plans.

fixed income loan

Move Now

Don’t wait until your house sells just because you’re on a fixed income. No need to liquidate your assets to buy your new home with cash.

Click Here or call us at 877-292-7350 to get started.

About Hurst Lending

Founded in 2006 by Jay Hurst and Scott Bialek, Hurst Lending & Insurance is still managed Jay, Scott and their families. While the mortgage industry is known for high turnover rates, Hurst Lending is recognized for providing consistent, personal service to our customers. That’s why more than 70% of our mortgage and insurance business is from repeat or referred customers!

At Hurst Lending, we offer unique loan programs like those mentioned on this page as well as great rates on conventional mortgages – but what makes Hurst Lending truly unique is our special expertise is problem solving. If there is a situation that is creating a barrier to getting a home loan or other logistical hurdles, we can often find a solution. Sometimes the solution is a short-term loan – other times it is another form of specialty loan. We are able to offer these loans by developing relationships with investors who have specific interests, and by lending our own funds for the short term loans described on this page.

Visit hurstlending.com to learn more about our parent company.

About the Buy Before You Sell Loan Program

At Hurst Lending, we’re problem solvers. Over the years, we’ve talked with thousands of home buyers. In the process, we realized that the standard method of buying a home while selling another one is simply inefficient. Many people end up selling their homes for less than market value to avoid moving twice or losing their dream home. Others spend thousands of unnecessary dollars on temporary housing, storage, and moving twice.

A couple of years ago, we designed and began testing a better process – a smarter way to buy a home, reducing the stress and cost of buying, selling and moving. We have fine tuned our offer in our home state of Texas and soon plan to start rolling this offer out around the country. Home buyers using our short-term loan program have gained financially in many ways:

  • By making an all-cash offer, our buyers often pay less for a new home – and in competitive markets, a cash offer will also dominate a bidding war.
  • Applying the equity in their existing home toward the purchase of a new one.
  • Avoiding the expense of moving twice.

Although interest rates are a bit higher on a short-term loan than on a conventional mortgage, the amount of money spent is quite low when because our offer is short-term. As a result, our customers find that they can move for the same cost, or even less, than with a conventional “sell then buy” approach – all with less inconvenience and stress and more control. Best of all, they can gain the upper hand over other buyers and get their dream home!

If you are interested in learning more about the new, smarter way to buy a home, we’d love to tell you more. Give us a call at 877-405-3465 or contact us today.

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