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5% Down Jumbo Mortgage

  • 96.5% loan to value up to 1.5 mm

  • 95% up to 2.0 mm 30 year fixed

  • ALL reserves can be in retirement accounts.

How it Works

Most jumbo mortgage programs require at least 20% down, or if they allow less down do not offer 30 year fixed rates, but rather adjustable rates.  Hurst Lending offers a 5% down payment jumbo loan amounts up to $1,750,000 with a 700 or higher credit score on a 30 year fixed!  With home prices rapidly increasing all over the country, this program allows you to get into the home of your dreams without hundreds of thousands of dollars down. Most jumbo programs allow some gift funds to be used for a portion of the down payment. This 5% down jumbo program is for owner occupied properties only in all states the Hurst Lending makes loans. 



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